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We welcome Katie Turner (Founder of the Canadian Supernatural Research Society and Paranormal Consultant/Expert for a variety of  Paranormal Television Series.


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Ever since Katie was a little girl, she has been sensitive to the paranormal. From predicting future events to speaking directly to deceased family members , Katie realized that she had a broad spectrum of psychic ability. Katie is also proud to be a part of the hit series Paranormal Survivor. As one of the Paranormal Consultant/Experts, Katie educates viewers on paranormal activity. Katie is also a dedicated member of Canadian Supernatural Research Society. As the team's Founder/Lead Investigator and full time Psychic Medium, she travels with her team investigating, giving guidance and closure to those people in need. 



Katie Turner, psychic ability, Paranormal Survivor, Canadian Supernatural Research Society, Psychic Medium




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On this Special Edition of "Inside The Goblin Universe" Ronald Murphy and Bryan Bowden bring you Inside the 2017 Ocean State Paracon and some candidate conversations with the all-star cast and crew, your favorite Paranormal Celebrities,

Joe Chin (TAPS),  Bill Brock (Monsters Underground), Dustin Pari (TAPS), Joey Webb (ParanormalHood),  Samantha Hawes (TAPS),  Scott PORTER (TWC), Shari DeBenedetti (TAPS), Amy Bruni (TAPS), Ken DeCosta (riseup) and Chuckles, and So many more. Don't miss this event. Thursday July 20, 2017 at 10 pm EST / 11 pm PST/GMT on the Paranormal UK Radio Network.


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