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The home of several shows “NoBoBuMe” hosted by Sir Bryan Bowden; and our other shows “Inside The Goblin Universe”, “Side Show Safari”; and “Portals of Perception”. where we explore The Inside The Goblin Universe Hosted by Sir Bryan Bowden and Ronald Murphy. Each addresses fable lands, creatures, cryptids, ideas, concepts, as well as, It focuses on enlightening the listener with very informative and entertaining topics.

January 12, 2019

00011 NoBoBuMe Inside The Goblin Universe with guests Sysco Murdoch and Steve Stockton


On the Next NoBoBuMe the coauthors of  “We Are All Children in the Wilderness of the Afterlife: A Guided Tour Through a Haunted Life” Sysco Murdoch, (Producer and Host of Journey Through The Gate podcast) and STEVE Stockton. Jump into the Rabbit Hole (As Sysco would say) for a “no apologies raw convo between friends and lovers of the paranormal and life”



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Sysco Murdoch has always been multifaceted in her approach to life. A bartender, a floral designer, Wire Sculptor, Jewelry designer, Craftologist, business owner, Soldier, Empath, Sensitive, & Producer/Host of Journey Through the Gate Paranormal Portal Podcast. None of this taking precedence over being a mom of two sons. These paths have led her through, and to, multiple experiences with the paranormal, supernatural, and the uncanny. She resides near the Jersey Shore, with her dear family, several fur-babies, and at least one ghost.



Steve Stockton is a veteran outdoorsman, author and has been investigating the unexplained for over 35 years. Originally from the mountains of East Tennessee, Steve has traveled all over the country and many parts of the world and now makes his home in Portland, Oregon, near the wilds and "bigfoot country" of the Pacific Northwest.


Steve cites as his influences his "gypsy witch" grandmother who told him multitudes of legends and stories as a small child, as well as authors such as Frank Edwards, John Keel, Charles Fort, Loren Coleman, Ivan Sanderson, Colin Wilson, and Nick Redfern.


His published books include Strange Things in the Woods & More Strange Things in the Woods (collections of true, paranormal encounters) as well as the autobiographical My Strange World, where he talks about his own experiences dating back to childhood.


Steve is currently at work on a book of ghost stories and also a book about myths and legends of the Great Smoky Mountains, both expected to be available by Spring 2019.

Strange Things in the Woods, More Strange Things in the Woods, My Strange World, We Are All Children in the Wilderness of the Afterlife: A Guided Tour Through a Haunted Life (Co-author, with Sysco Murdoch)

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