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The home of several shows “NoBoBuMe” hosted by Sir Bryan Bowden; and our other shows “Inside The Goblin Universe”, “Side Show Safari”; and “Portals of Perception”. where we explore The Inside The Goblin Universe Hosted by Sir Bryan Bowden and Ronald Murphy. Each addresses fable lands, creatures, cryptids, ideas, concepts, as well as, It focuses on enlightening the listener with very informative and entertaining topics.

May 12, 2019

00012 NoBoBuMe Inside The Goblin Universe with guest Vinnie Vineyard A.K.A. Funkmaster V


On the Next NoBoBuMe


We welcome Vinnie Vineyard, aka Funkmaster V. long time entertainer, bass-slapper, pro wrestler, comedian, star of the paranormal TV show, Wrestling with Ghosts on ASY paranormal. Funk you very much.



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Check out Vinnie’s Website’s: 






Vinnie Vineyard, aka Funkmaster V Bio:


"Funkmaster V wears many of hats: Pro wrestler, comedian, bass slapper, Libertarian candidate for governor, radio host, actor, business owner, ghost hunter, bounty hunter... just to name a few. But his next adventure, launching a streaming, Paranormal TV network (ASY Paranormal), may be his most ambitious project yet. He and fellow wrestlers Big Luke and Travis Graves started their own ghost investigation TV show years ago, and it has turned into a television project where they seek to help save the genre and reality TV itself by giving a voice to independent show makers worldwide."




My name is Vinnie Vineyard, aka Funkmaster V. I’m a long time entertainer, bass-slapper, pro wrestler, comedian, etc. I’m also in the paranormal TV show, Wrestling with Ghosts. 


Currently I’m involved with the launch of ASY paranormal. ASY Paranormal is an online TV service about to launch May 10, it’s going to be available online, Roku, fire stick, etc. for only $2.99 a month. It is an independent paranormal television network, that caters to not only people who love scary TV, but it’s also a platform for people who want to make scary TV. Since Paranormal television AND reality is dying, I think this is an opportunity to help save the genre. I would love to talk about it on your podcast/radio show. Contact me anytime. 





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