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The home of several shows “NoBoBuMe” hosted by Sir Bryan Bowden; and our other shows “Inside The Goblin Universe”, “Side Show Safari”; and “Portals of Perception”. where we explore The Inside The Goblin Universe Hosted by Sir Bryan Bowden and Ronald Murphy. Each addresses fable lands, creatures, cryptids, ideas, concepts, as well as, It focuses on enlightening the listener with very informative and entertaining topics.

February 11, 2021

00025 NoBoBuMe Nobody But Me with Special Guest Chris Reinhardt Berkshire Mountain Sasquatch, Al Santariga


We are exploring deep, Inside The Goblin Universe with NoBoBuMe Sir Bryan and our special guest Chris Reinhardt the founder of Berkshire Mountain Sasquatch. We are talking about the Big Guy tonight. SASQUATCH

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Watch Now (Audio): https://youtu.be/xcQF_gq-HfA


Watch Now (Video): https://youtu.be/fkBcaeoyGGs



Chris Reinhardt:



Chris Reinhardt is the Founder of Berkshire Mountain Sasquatch, a boots on the ground, researcher and investigator with  over 5 years of experience. a focus in the North West corner of the State of Connecticut. He has traded throughout the United States to investigate this mysterious cryptid known as Sasquatch.  He lives by his motto “Get In The Woods” and spends as much free time he can investigating. Chris has appeared on Travel channel Terror in the Woods; On an Amazon Documentary, and also a variety of podcasts, like the Sasquatch Chronicles, Beast Radio and NoBoBuMe (Nobody But Me). His YouTube channel, Berkshire Mountain Sasquatch, hosts his adventures and investigations..



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